“Inmitten der Schwierigkeiten liegt die Möglichkeit.”

Albert Einstein

My name is Juliane Hoffman. I have a diploma in educational science (University of Rostock) and have been a school social worker for the ASB at the Schmarl elementary school since 2014.

My main areas of work are:

  • Discussions for students, parents and teachers
  • socio-educational support (advice, support, networking)
  • Conflict management/mediation
  • Training of mediators
  • Organization and implementation of projects and leisure activities/festivals
  • social skills training for classes and groups
  • Offer in the half-day school area
  • Participation in internal school and district-related committees
  • Organization of the reading godparents and the reading club
  • networking

A conversation with me is voluntary and confidential. That means I’m sworn to secrecy.


School Social WorkLower floor in front of the yellow lost and found cupboard
Supporting association:

Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe des ASB mbH
Schleswiger Straße 6
18109 Rostock
Phone:0381 38141457
Mobile:0171 1778505